Do Examiners have quotas?

No, if you show that you have reached the standard required you will pass your test.


Can someone else come out on my test?

Yes, but whoever sits in the back must not interfere with the test in any way.


What will I have to do on my driving test?

As well as general driving, your test will include:

1. An eyesight test. (If you fail this you will not go out on test).

2. Two show me/tell me questions.

3. One of the following reversing exercises:

- Reverse around a corner.

- Turn in the road.

- Reverse park into a bay.

- Reverse park next to a kerb.

4. You might also be asked to carry out a controlled stop

5. An independent drive of between 7 and 10 minutes.


All of the above are covered in your driving lessons.


Do test standards vary from examiner to examiner?

No, Driving examiners are all qualified to the same standard, so you will receive the same result

from different examiners.


Are examiners supervised?

Yes, to maintain standards all examiners are randomly supervised by a senior examiner, the

supervising examiner could sit in the back on your driving test but you need not be concerned

about this as they are only interested in what the examiner is doing.