passed-testIf you’re still deciding on the right Driving Instructor for you, then have a read of some of the feedback below from previous students who have already successfully passed. As you can see, plenty of students have passed with Morrisons school of Motoring in Plymouth already.

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It doesn’t matter when you had your lessons, we’d love to hear from anyone who passed their test with Plymouth’s Premier Driving School – Morrisons School of Motoring.

Morrisons School of Motoring would like to thank all of our students and we wish them a safe and happy motoring experience.

Even if you already have your Driving License, Morrisons School of Motoring is here for you - we offer additional Refresher Lessons, Pass Plus training and more advanced courses should you wish to progress your driving further. Thank you and take care, Andy Morrison.

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66 Testimonials

  1. Andy is a brilliant instructor who is very patient with you. Very reliable aswell. Couldn’t ask for better service. 100% recommend Andy!

  2. Hi Andy,
    I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for helping me past my test! You were abosutley brilliant in helping me remain calm. You really calmed my nerves and i would highly recommend you to everyone. Thankyou for your constant support even when i didnt believe in myself. You never once doubted me and for that i will be forever grateful. I will miss our weekly lessons and chats, see you on the road:)
    Chloe Bates

  3. I have just passed on my third attempt with Andy after being with a previous instructor. Andy was always incredibly supportive and patient, especially after me failing twice, and really helped increase my confidence in driving! His teaching style is clear and easy to follow, and he is very easy to get along with. I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor :) Thank you for everything!

  4. Andy, thank you so much for all your advice and help throughout all my lessons. Passing 1st time really is a dream come true! Besides being a fantastic instructor, you are a genuinely nice, relaxed, calm and reassuring person and I will be recommending you to anyone who needs lessons and/or looking to take their test. Will miss our chats! Thank you so much again. Xx

  5. Thank you so much Andy! I could not have passed first time without all your help and support. Initially I got off to a bad start when I first started lessons with a previous instructor and was quite nervous. Once I started lessons with Andy he helped me build my confidence. He’s such a patient, reliable, friendly and kind man I cannot recommend him enough. Many thanks! And I won’t forget to wave when I see you out and about!

  6. Hi andy. Wanted to say a big thank you for helping me pass first time on the 2nd feb 2016 with only one minor fault. Not only did u take me on lessons but u also helped me with my theory which I struggled with and finally past 5th time. You are a excellent teacher who is patient and willing to go the extra mile to help your students. Will defo recommend you to other people wanting to learn to drive. A big massive thank you again.

  7. I can’t thank Andy enough for helping me pass my driving test first time! I was such a nervous driver when I started with Andy but with him being such a friendly and polite bloke each week he made me feel so much more confident driving. Couldn’t recommend Andy enough to anyone who is learning to drive.

  8. Massive thank you to Andy for getting me through my driving test. I would highly recommend him to any new learner driver. He helped me control my nerves and believed in me the whole way and to top it off he is one the the friendliest people I have ever had the pleasure of know. Again thank you very much.

  9. Before I met Andy, I had been having lessons with another instructor in Plymouth whose teaching style made me very anxious and on-edge. As a result, when I started with Andy I was incredibly nervous. It took a long time to build my confidence back up again, but his patience and gentle nature have enabled me to do just that. Never a harsh word from this man, and that has made all the difference. I passed today – thanks Andy!

  10. Thank you so much Mr Morrison!
    Andy is a fantastic driving instructor and for the time that i was learning with him he became a fantastic friend. His calm and patient personality helped me persevere with my driving and achieve a pass with just the one minor fault. I would highly recommend him to everyone!

  11. Thank you Andy, Couldn’t have passed my test without you! Thank you for being so friendly and patient even with my nerves! :) Highly recommended!!

  12. A massive thank you to Andy for helping me pass my test first time ! Best instructor I’ve had! Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive ! Thanks again Andy

  13. Just passed my test!!! Andy is a very good instructor, very calm and always makes good conversation!! He is always more than willing to give up extra time if you need it even at last minute! My sister also passed with Andy too! Would definitely recommend!

  14. moved driving school due to bad teaching and went with andy for 2 weeks and passed my test first time. thanks andy

  15. I would highly recommend Andy because he put me at my ease, he was patient, friendly, and he taught me everything I needed to know to pass my test first time. Thanks again Andy!

  16. I couldn’t recommend anybody else other than Andy to have as a driving instructor. Thanks to him, I passed my test a few weeks ago with just 3 minors on the first attempt!
    Andy is so easy to work with and is such a great teacher. Thank you Andy!

  17. A massive Thank you to Andy for helping me pass my driving test. Such a friendly, patient and calm person. Really good at giving feedback and making me feel more confident every time i got into the car. Couldn’t think of a better person to recommend to all my friends and family. Thanks again Andy! :)

  18. I passed my test today with only 2 minor faults! And it was all down to one man, Andy Morrison. He made my learning experience so easy. He is the most amazing instructor, he’s patient, easy to talk to, calm spirited and just such a lovely man. I can’t thank you enough Andy. I appreciate everything you have done for me. I would definitely recommend you to all my family and friends. Thank you again :-)

  19. THANK YOU so much Andy for teaching me one of the most important skills I will gain in my whole life, ever since I was little I always dreamed of driving and that dream came true because of Andy! I couldn’t have chose a better instructor in the whole world, not even for twice the price he is charging!! I promise who ever is reading this and thinking of going with Andy, you are making the best choice you could because no one is more friendly, helpful and informative as Andy!

    I couldn’t be happier with the way he taught me and the methods he showed me to use, makes driving seem like a sixth sense. But no matter how hard you think it’s going to be, it wont be with Andy as he is the most patient person you could hope to meet and he won’t disappoint.

    So again, BIG THANKS to you Andy, so happy now I’ve passed and I couldn’t have done it without you:D see you on the roads mate!!!!

  20. Thank you Andy, I wouldn’t have been able to pass first time without your help! Always really friendly and patient – which really helped my nerves!! Highly reccomended! Thanks again :-)

  21. A massive thank you Andy for a job well done, a level head, calm spirit and a benevolent person are just few of the many characteristics that this man possess. After being unsuccessful in passing my driving test a few times, i decided to go along with Andy and since then i went on to pass my driving test with the least amount of minors. Thank you again Andy.

  22. Andy is absolutely fantastic! He was so patient and calm when i was learning and i went on to pass my driving test 1st time!

    I highly recommend Andy to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

    Thank you Andy!!

  23. Today I passed first time after 10 lessons with Andy. He is easy to work with and will point out what you are doing wrong (obviously) and make sure you overcome any difficulties you are having. Andy doesn’t say something’s bad just for the fun of it, he wants you to succeed as well. Thank you Andy!

  24. A huge thanks to andy for getting me through my test, he was always patient with me and understanding through the learning prosses and created a easy and layed back learning environment. i would recomend him to anyone.

  25. a big thank you to andy for helping me pass my test on the 28th august and I would recommend him to my friends and family.andy is the best instructor ive ever had .thank you again andy for all your help .

  26. Massive thanks Andy for getting me through my test. Just an all round good bloke couldn’t of asked for a better instructor, very friendly and patient would recommend him to anyone! cheers again Andy.

  27. Thanks Andy for getting my son through his test at the first attempt today.. Your flexibility and hard work ensured David’s smooth transition from Learner to qualified driver and he now holds the ‘premier’ position within the family as the only first time pass.. Many thanks and kind regards, Pete

  28. Andy is the best driving instructor ever! – and I have had lots! I have been with at least 4, I suffer with anxiety and would always get very nervous in my test!!! – I would just freeze, want to cry and nearly have panic attacks!! Andy got me through it and it was amazing! never felt safer in a car!! – made everything better! i love driving!

  29. Passed my test today after learning to drive with Andy. Possibly the friendliest, most patient bloke you’ll meet in a long time. Cheers Andy!

  30. Thanks Andy! I did it – joined the first time passers club! I couldn’t have done it without you! Andy is amazing – it didn’t feel like I was learning to drive, it was more like a weekly drive and chat with a friend, touching up a few points to help me pass!! Andy is very patient and encourging. I would recommend him to everyone. I will miss our lessons. Thanks again for all your help.

  31. I can not rate Andy highly enough. He was very helpful patient and relaxed which made me patient and relaxed. He is easy to get on with and very friendly. From starting to finish it took me 4 months and this quick turnaround was due to Andy’s tutorage. So thanks Andy again for opening up a new way of life for me!!!!!

  32. Big thank you to you Andy! Andy was really friendly and patient, knew exactly what he was talking about, was really positive and always pointed out the good things in my driving and helped me too improve the bad! I felt positive about taking my test, he was reassuring and all around a very good driving instructor! Thank you again!

  33. Had a few tests before and stopped for a year. Andy helped my get back into driving and pass my test. Thanks Andy

  34. Huge thank you to Andy for helping me pass my test he was patient throughout and was clear with his instructions. Passed 01/06/2012, cheers mate!

  35. massive thankyou to andy really great driving instructor would highly recommend made me feel really comfortable and he has a brilliant approach to teaching.passed test 03/02/2012 with three minors.kind regards tom

  36. Thanks Andy for everything you’ve done for me.I couldn’t make it without you.You are the best instructor i’ve ever seen.God bless you.

  37. Andy was a fantastic instructor who is always relaxed and helpful. Would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn.

  38. I’d like to say a big thanks to andy,as if it wasnt for him i would of not passed my test.he listens and he never gives up on u,i had bad habits and andy new haw to direct me in the right way,id recomend andy to eneyone he is a very polite and profestional man,naw i can call him a mate.cheers andy,see u on the road ha.

  39. Andy is a very patient and professional instructor who will teach you at your own pace. i will recommend you to friends and family

  40. Having had a bad experience with another driving school, Andy restored my confidence and I would definately recommend him. He has a very friendly and relaxed approach. Thankyou very much!!

  41. Top drving instructor. I had total confidence in passsing my test due to Andy’s calm relaxed but precise approach to driving. Cheers mate!!

  42. Thank you Andy you were calm,kind and just strict enough to keep me motivated and progressing.

  43. I would just like to say a big thankyou to andy morrison on his excellent training i was given on learning to drive. he had patients and time for any faults that may have accured whilst i was learning and he didnt once make me feel uncomfortable or embarrassed by my mistakes. i reccomend andy to any new driver or anybody not saticfied where they are as he has now put me through my test and i have passed and also my sister has been taught by andy and passed. deeply reccomended for anyone.

  44. I was quite a nervous driver when I came to Andy. Thanks to his calm and patient teaching I was able to pass first time. I couldn’t have done it with out him and would highly reccommend him to anyone, novice or otherwise, wanting to pass their test. Thanks Andy!

  45. Thankyou andy for helping me pass my test i will recommend you to my friends hopefully see you around.

  46. thank you Andy for helping me pass my test i couldnt have done it with out you. Andy is a very patient and very supportave driving instructor. I will be recomending you to every one that i know that is intending on driving. Will be missing learning to drive with you but am so glad that i dont now have to rely on my parents to get around now. Hopefully see you in the future. Many thanks Matt.

  47. I was 33 when my wife fell pregnant and decided she was no longer going to be the only driver. I was extremely nervous and Andy was fantastic. A very calm and patient instructor. I would highly reccommned him and want to thank him for everything. Andy your a star!

  48. Thanks so much to Andy! the most patient, friendly and entertaining instructor you can find.Fair prices, door to door service, excellent car and always cheerful, will recommend to everyone! Passed my test under his tuition with just 2 minors!!!! I cannot thank him enough, and i am going to buy him a beer Oh so happy that at the age of 28 i can drive myself around now, and my girlfriend is please to not be my taxi any more!!!


  49. Thanks to Andy Morrison I am now able to drive safely, having passed my test first time. I can’t thank you enough Andy – Our lessons were so enjoyable and will be dearly missed. I Will recommend you to all in the future. Your tuition is of the upmost professionalism, consistently on time, patient and courteous – simply put you are a perfect Driving Instructor. You really are the benchmark to which all other Driving School’s should aspire to be. Thank you.

  50. Thankyou for helping me to get through my driving test I was so nervous I thought I would never do it. You were very patience and help me to overcome my nerves and believe I could do it. Great instructor thank you.

  51. Helloo. Thank you soo much for all your help in learning how to drive! I never thought i would be able to drive and pass first time with only 4 minors!! I have recommended you to all my firends who are thinking about starting lessons. Fingers crissed for my sister now!! Thanks again. Best wishes for the future. Kim.

  52. hi andy thank you so much for all ur help and support i never thought i would b able to pass but i did first time. to all vwho r looking to start driving andy is the BEST he makes u feel at easy from the start, he is firendy and isnt like most instructors he has a sense of humor thanks again andy all the best, sam.

  53. Thank you so much for your support and being so patient, I couldn’t have done it without out you. The lessons were always enjoyable and I will miss our conversations on the strange colours people paint their cars. I passed with only two minors on my first attempt and I would recommend you to anybody! You are a credit to your profession! Hopefully I’ll see you around Plymouth teaching more new drivers! Thank you!

  54. Thanks very much for all your help and support in learning to drive, I’m so glad to have passed now and with only 3 minors! Have already reccomended you to friends and will again in the future. Thanks again Andy, you kept me thinking positive and believing that I could pass, and now I have!

  55. Thank you Andy for all your support with my driving! We finally passed yesterday and with only 4 minors! You gave me so much encouragement and were always happy to help. I have really enjoyed learning to drive with you but now I cant wait to drive without my L plates! Thanks again and best wishes for the future, love from katie

  56. Would just like to say thank you very much for what you did for me. Even tho i was only with you for a little while you taught me well. I enjoyed learning with you, i will be passing on your number to friends and family as your are a fantastic instructor thanks again Andy hopefully see you around.

  57. Just wanna say a huge thank-you to you andy for all your hard work, and patients in getting me through my test….second time lucky,and only 4 minors (i know!!)but you never let me down you always encouraged me, always happy to help and i couldn’t of done it without you…..thanks again mate you’ve made this chappy a happy one!!!! now all i have to do is fine a few grand for my insurance and im set!!!!

  58. Thank you Andy for being a fantastic, easy-going and supportive person. Passing my test second time round has been a life changing experience, even though we both kno I should have really done it first time round ha ha ha ha ha, but seriously will be recommending you to all I kno who want to drive, thanks very much and will miss the early wednesday morning lessons, ha ha ha!!!! Take care and will keep in touch!!!!!!

  59. Thank you so much for your support and guidance during my driving lessons! I was a very nervous learner and it really made a difference to have a teacher with the patience to help me work through my nerves and finally pass! Will make life with a new baby sooo much easier – James Benjamin arrived 3.5.09 – 9lb2oz – ouch! But very worth it!

  60. A big thanks to Andy for getting me through my test. i passed a few days ago with 4 minors. Andy is a really patient instructor and has been reliable and positive throughout my lessons. Andy’s prices are very competitive and i would recommend Andy to anyone who’s thinking about learning to drive. thanks again Andy!

  61. Thanks to andy i am now a fully legal U.K driver. after failing my first test due to personnal reasons andy always believed in me to pass and he told me never give up,he would always go out of his way to fit me in his tight schedule, after teaching me the basics of driving he also gave me some useful tips, i have heard some people say that the lessons are over priced but i think that andy’s price are very competitive , and now after taking my second test i passed withj flying colours with only 2 minors, which i thought i would never do so i like to say a BIG THANK YOU Andy for getting me through this mile stone in life Thanks mate means alot.

  62. Just want to say thank you for helping me through my test. Andy is a very friendly, calm, patient instructor whos way of teaching is easy to understand and learn. After having a previous instructor, I can confidently say that Andy’s teaching style and methods are by far the easiest to learn. Don’t think I would have been passed at this time without him. I would recommend him to anyone and will carry on doing so. Thanks

  63. Hey Andy, Thanks so much for helping me to make it to my test! You are an amazing teacher and i am glad that i came to you! I would recomend you to anyone! I’d just like to say a big thankyou!

  64. Thankyou so much Andy for being the best driving instructor out there!!! Andy is a patient, calm, friendly and supporting instructor. Despite me booking my test a bit earlier than he wanted, Andy was totally supportive and helped me through it all the way, passing 1st time with 5 minors. I will miss discussing the football on my lessons with you . Thanks very much mate, I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!

  65. Hi Andy, I just want to thankyou for all the support you gave me to pass my driving test, without you i wouldnt have passed first time! I am going to miss you sitting next to me and keeping me calm! hehe! Thanks again andy xx

  66. I would recommend Andy highly to anyone wanting to pass their driving test. He provided first class tuition: Instructions and advice were given in a calm and composed manner AT ALL TIMES (regardless of how inept I was). He also has a good sense of humour, which helps you feel relaxed while driving. I could not have passed without him!

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